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Fisher-price Magical Fairy Dora The Explorer

Magical Fairy Dora The Explorer
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UPC# 027084958843. One of the major attributes for these toys is the touch the wand to dora's heart and watch her transform into a fairy. Other features consist of dora is a magical fairy and dora's fairy wings magically appear. The toy is 2.5"H x 12.5"L x 10"W. It has a weight of 1.5 lbs. The warranty information supplied by the manufacturer, is no warranty. Shopping for Magical Fairy Dora , select the hyperlink below.

Explore the Enchanted Forest with Magical Fairy Dora! After Dora helped conserve the King, her new pals thanked her by giving her magical fairy wings! Help Dora transform her dress into fairy wings and sing a special song! Hear a magical sound as Dora's Wings open What is it? After she saved the King, Dora's new friends thanked her by giving her magical fairy wings! Dora's newest adventure takes place inside the Enchanted Forest! Wave the wand in front of Dora's dress and it will magically reveal Dora's fairy wings! Magical Fairy Dora features soft hair you can style, a colorful sparkling outfit plus a magical wand! For ages 3 and up. Dora will sing a quite special song, and add your favorite sounds and phrases towards the adventure! Wave the magical wand and watch Dora's wings appear! Now you can be an enchanted explorer too!

How does it assist my child develop? Your child's imagination and creativity will race ahead as she imagines a vivid globe with Dora, all the while peaking her curiosity and giving her the keys to new discoveries. Designed for kids ages 3 and up, the Fisher-Price® Dora the Explorer® Magical Fairy™ helps promote a child's imagination and creativity through role-play. Wave the included magical wand in front of Dora's dress and watch her fairy wings magically seem and open up right before your eyes!

Isn't it amazing? That's why Fisher-Price® builds learning into everything we make. Because nothing's far more amazing than sharing the joy of studying with your child. With playful approaches to engage curious minds, exercise little bodies, and nurture budding personalities. Watching their faces light up as they explore, discover, play … all those moments when kids learn best.

What's In The Box? Magical Fairy Dora wand, and 2 “ AAA” batteries. Girl's will love their new adventures with Dora as a magical fairy


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