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France Dora

France Dora

Fisher Price

Among the major features for these toys is the there are four countries you can visit with dora: france, china, tanzania, and russia. collect them all!. Buying the France Dora . For the best price for this item as well as other items, check out our partners via the add to shopping cart button.

Dora visits France. Collect them all! Every doll comes having a glow in the dark Friendship Bracelet for you to put on! These 5-inch Dora dolls are styled just like Dora's Dress Up Adventure dolls, only this time the adventure is Around the World! Each Dora doll is dressed in a conventional costume from one certain of a lot of countries Dora visits inside the"Dora's World Adventures"episode of her show. There are 4 countries you can visit with Dora: France, China, Tanzania, and Russia.


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