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Dora's Bathroom Furniture Pack - Dora The Explorer Talking House

Doras Bathroom Furniture Pack
Doras Bathroom Furniture Pack Dora The Explorer Talking House Image 1

Fisher Price

Dora's Bathroom Furniture - a great toy manufactured by Fisher Price will be your kids best new toy. Among the many key features is the also includes a sink, toilet, bath mat, hamper, and area rug. Other highlights consist of dora bathroom furniture pack. The part number for this is C6913. The Dora doll is 12" Height x 3.5" Length x 9" Width. It has a weight of 1.02 lbs. Buying a Dora's Bathroom Furniture . To get the same discount I found, check out the link on this site.

Help Dora's family become comfortable in their new Talking House (sold separately) by furnishing it with furniture playsets. For use creating use of the Fisher-Price Dora's Talking House (sold separately ). Collect them all. There's a shower, a bathtub, a laundry hamper, sink and more. This Bathroom Furniture Set comes with everything Dora and her family have to furnish their bathroom.

When Nick Jr. cartoon star Dora the Explorer is not off on an adventure, she could be identified in her property with her Mami and Papi. Kids can also collect further figures and accessories so all Dora's friends and relatives— Abuela, cousin Diego, Swiper, Boots, and Tico--are present. All furniture is made from durable plastic and the bath mat and area rug are created of soft polyurethane foam. --Cristina Vaamonde Kids can acquire furniture sets (sold separately) to furnish each space until the house is complete. The pack consists of a shower that also converts into a bathtub, a pedestal sink, a toilet, a hamper, a bath mat, and an location rug. This furniture set decorates the bathroom within the Fisher-Price dollhouse version with every single of the Latina adventurer's property.


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